Company History

The year was 1968, our grandfather, Thomas Trapasso Sr., owned and operated a taxi company in Newark, NJ.  That year he was asked if he would transport a student to and from their home in Newark to Newark Academy in Livingston.  This led to the birth of Belair Transport.  Now, 50 years later, we are proud to say that Belair continues to thrive as a third generation owned and operated company!  Today, we have a fleet of over 120 school buses and safely transport more than 1000 students annually!


School Bus Safety

       Student safety is paramount at Belair Transport.  Ensuring that each student is safely transported to and from school is and always will be our #1 objective!  From our driver recruitment, continuous training, unparalleled and aggressive preventative maintenance program, to our investment in a new, strong, and dependable fleet.
       Our commitment to safety starts with ownership and runs throughout the entire company, from bus drivers and attendants, to management, dispatch and mechanics.

Drivers That Care

      We ensure that behind the wheel of every Belair bus is a fully qualified, professional school bus driver who embraces our core values.  All our school bus drivers have passed the rigorous NJDMV CDL testing, the NJ state criminal background check, and a pre-employment drug and alcohol test.
       Throughout the year, our drivers are then subjected to random drug and alcohol testing.  Before the start of each school year, our drivers will conduct a dry run, as many times as needed, to familiarize themselves with every stop, twist, and turn on their route.
       In addition to behind the wheel training, our drivers are also trained in how to professionally and respectfully interact with school personnel, parents, and students.  In the event an incident occurs on our bus, it is handled with proper protocols and procedures we have in place.

Commitment to Excellence

Our driver recruitment, selection, and training is designed to attract the most qualified candidates and to provide them with the necessary tools required in becoming the best drivers they can be. Monthly safety classes, specialized training, safety monitoring, and annual evaluations make sure our drivers continue to excel throughout their careers.

Our driver trainers have been trained in the Smith System, which is the world’s leading provider for driver improvement education and accident avoidance.  Our driver training program is designed to prepare qualified candidates with the skills they need to achieve their goals. Before a perspective candidate takes his or her road test, our driver trainers ensure that they are comfortable behind the wheel of a full size bus or short bus and they’re able to skillfully maneuver in all traffic and road conditions.

The candidate also learns the importance and given instruction on Pre/Post Trip Inspections.  Upon completion of our training and passing the CDL test, we welcome you to the Belair family.

Driven With Purpose

Our team at Belair is driven by our four core values:
    1. Safety
    2. Respect
    3. Communication
    4. Commitment to Excellence
        These values resonate throughout our company from the top down and bottom up! Our company mission is to lead the way in school bus transportation! By continuing to provide safe and efficient student transportation and building our reputation as the superior yellow bus provider in all of New Jersey! Every Belair employee recognizes the challenges of our industry and the important service we provide to our communities. Our Safety first approach is the foundation to our operations.
     Each employee, at every level, begins their day with this mantra. A Belair employee respects one and other, its customers, and its clients. Communication throughout our company is the key to maximizing safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We are committed to excellence and  “Driven with Purpose”!

Partnering / Contracting

       If you’re a school district, private school, or charter school and you’re considering outsourcing your transportation services, allow Belair Transport to be your trusted partner. Our commitment to safety, on-time performance, professionalism, and accountability will allow you to keep your focus on providing educational excellence while also benefiting from significant cost savings.  As a private contractor, Belair is able to operate more efficiently and less expensively than a district owned bus operation. Moreover, Belair will provide you with qualified professional drivers, who receive continuous training throughout the year.
       We also have an aggressive preventative maintenance program, as well as, one of the newest fleet of buses in NJ. Our team is committed to complete customer service and satisfaction.   We value our clients as true partners and we’re always available to address any issues or concerns at the highest level of responsiveness.  Communication is the key to maximizing safety, reliability, and overall performance.
Please contact us today and/or submit your RFP.  We look forward to starting a new relationship!

Full Service Shop

          From the onset, Belair has maintained and repaired its own vehicles.  This allows us to have optimal performance and less down time for our buses.  Our service shop employees the most qualified technicians, who are equipped with the latest in technology and diagnostic software solutions in our industry.  Belair’s commitment to excellence and safety begins in our shop by ensuring that every Belair driver is behind the wheel of the most thoroughly maintained vehicle in the state!  Each vehicle file is accurately kept and placed on our preventative maintenance program.  And we can do the same for your fleet!
           Our expertise in fleet maintenance and repair will keep you and ultimately, your clients happy!  We are fully certified and up to date with not only the latest in technology, but all rules and regulations.  We can perform state inspection and certifications for your fleet.
With our service and inspections, you can be sure your fleet is in top condition and that your clients ride and arrive safely.  Please give us a call today to see what we can do for you!


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