The Pursuit of School Bus Safety

Unsurpassed student safety is the hallmark of Belair School Bus. That’s because making sure each student is safely transported to and from school is the ultimate objective of everything we do – from our driver recruitment, training and continuing education program, to our aggressive preventive maintenance plan, to our ongoing investment in strong, dependable fleets.

The Belair family’s commitment to safety starts in our Chairman’s office and runs through the entire company, from bus drivers, attendants and dispatchers, to mechanics, customer service personnel, trainers and managers.

Drivers Who Care

Not only are our school bus drivers your neighbors, they’re people who have undergone rigorous testing and thorough background checks to ensure that behind the wheel of every Belair School Bus is a fully qualified driver who embraces our core values. Because they’re local, they know the roads. Nevertheless, before each new school year, our drivers run practice routes to make sure they are familiar with every stop, twist and turn.

Because our training package leaves no stone unturned, drivers are trained in dealing with students, parents, and school personnel, and are able to respond promptly and responsibly to a range of issues thanks, for example, to anti-bullying training and guidance on what to do when students share personal problems.

A Company-Wide Commitment

Our bus driver recruitment, selection and training are designed to attract qualified candidates from the local area and provide them with the skills they need to become the best drivers. Our ongoing safety classes, specialized training, annual evaluations and safety monitoring make sure drivers continue to excel throughout their tenure with us. Our school bus driver trainers include scores of individuals trained in the Smith System, the world’s leading provider of driver improvement education and collision avoidance skills. Other Belair staff members are state-certified CDL examiners.

Expert Staff

Happy and fully trained employees are the foundation to our companies success. We do our best to ensure that is the case. Our driver training program is designed to equip qualified candidates with the skills necessary to become excellent school bus drivers.

Our certified trainers ensure that driver candidates are comfortable behind the wheel of a full-size bus and can skillfully and safely maneuver in all traffic conditions and road environments before sending trainees for their skills tests, even if it means spending more than the required training time. Our focus is on preparing candidates as well as we can, not as fast as we can. Once your training is completed, you will proudly join the elite group of the most highly trained drivers on the road – the school bus drivers – professional drivers, making a difference!

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Family Owned

This business has been passed down for many generations. We know how important family is, so we will always take care of yours. We want to continue our the tradition for many years to come.That’s how it is in a family business. It’s about passion. Commitment. Never forgetting your roots. And doing whatever it takes.

More than ever, Belair Transport is a family enterprise. Not only have we handed the torch to a third generation of family leadership, but even the grandchildren have been active in the business for over 20 years. And in what is truly reflective of our family culture, we are now welcoming fourth generation employees into the fold.

Full Service Shop

We are not only a transport company. We also offer a wide variety of services and maintenance for your fleet vehicles. We are fully certified and always up to date with all the latest technology, the various rules, and regulations. We can also perform inspections and certifications for your fleet.

Servicing your fleet with us means less downtime and more driving time. We keep you and ultimately your clients happy as well.

Be sure your bus fleet is in tip top condition. Service and inspections ensure that your clients ride and arrive safely. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you.


About Belair Transport

Belair Transport is a family owned and operated school bus transportation company. We have been providing safe and efficient means of school transportation since 1968!! Each day our team takes an aggressive approach to safety and risk management. We understand that children are “precious cargo”!

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